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UPDATE: Issue #5 was printed and mailed in January 2016. We are getting there folks!

Slot Cars Magazine is the newest slot car magazine published. We will cover all areas of the slot car hobby, not just one. We love all slot cars, from HO to 1/24, and everything in between.

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PLEASE NOTE: All subscriptions started after May 1, 2016 will not include the Fourth, Third, Second, or the First/Premier Issue. The first four issues are available for $10 each, postage paid (shipping to U.S. Addresses only). You can order multiple issues at the same time and save some money on shipping.

(Please note that subscriptions may take a few months for your first issue to arrive, we publish four times a year.)

And no, sorry, we can’t start subscriptions retroactively. Mailing single copies of the magazine costs us about $3 per issue/copy. If we did this, we would run out of money real soon. And then, no mo mag….

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PLEASE DO NOT OPEN A PAYPAL DISPUTE. Doing so puts a hold on the entire Slot Cars PayPal account. Magazine subscriptions take six to eight weeks, sometimes a bit more, for your first issue to arrive. That, and the fact that we now print four issues a year, there is a bigger and longer time gap in between each issue that is printed and mailed. Your patience is greatly appreciated. If you don’t have the patience, please do not subscribe, and then request your money back through PayPal. We have also run into an issue with the regular credit card processing, as the system we were using does not provide the required information for the USPS records for periodical subscriptions. Mahalo.