Slot Cars at GSL

Slot Cars at the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship

For the first time, there will be a slot cars concourse class at the 2017 GSL-XXVI in Salt Lake City from April 27-30, 2017.

Concours Slot Car

This Class is for any model of any four-wheeled vehicle, representing any make or vintage automobile or truck, or an automobile or truck design created by the entrant, outfitted with functional slot car features that would permit the model to be “driven” on a typical slot car “road course” or dragstrip track. The slot car may be two or four-wheel drive; the choice of motor(s) used to power the entry will not be considered during judging.

The goal of this Class is for highly-detailed, slot car-based scale vehicles that exhibit authentic details for interior and exterior features, and mechanical detail, to the greatest degree possible. Entries will be judged on the quality of construction, and how closely the major and subtle elements of the entry approximate or match that of an authentic scale miniature of the subject matter. Additionally, the craftsmanship and quality of the slot car frame (including soldering and fabrication techniques and skill) and the running gear (power pickup, tires, wheels, and related functional components) will be evaluated. If there are two models vying for an award in this Class, where both are equally well-done from a functional standpoint, and one exhibits more convincing and authentic detailing, the more realistic model will receive the award. Documentation is encouraged but is not required.

Qualifying Concours Slot Class entries are required to meet, at a minimum, the following conditions:

  1. Four rolling tires that touch the surface when placed on a slot car track;
  2. Full body work including clear windshield and other windows as required by the vehicle design, appropriate exterior chrome trim/bumpers (when the style of the model calls for the same), and a minimum of two headlights and taillights for all scale vehicles other than those built for a 1:1 scale competition venue where no such lights are required by applicable rules;
  3. Display a full interior composed of a dashboard, a steering wheel, at least one seat. The builder may also, but is not required to, include a human figure which, if included, must be placed in a seat.

Qualifying entries may use commercially-available frames, wheels, tires, and electric motors, and a kit-based body, but are not required to do so. Caution: Out-of-the-box, commercially-available/ assembled slot cars, bare frames, or “thingie” slot cars will not be permitted to compete in this Class.

No group (or commissioned) assembly of components are permitted. Entrants may commission machined or photo etched parts as long as the entrant assembles the same.

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