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We have asked for some help in getting Slot Cars Magazine back on its feet.

It costs over $5,000 to print and mail the copies for each issue, but with only 290 subscribers, 125 dealers/shops, we are not at a break even point yet.

With your $100 purchase of a lifetime subscription to Slot Cars Magazine, you will help us get back on our feet. When Slot Cars was started, it was the sister magazine to Model Cars Magazine, published by Golden Bell Press in Denver, Colorado. After the second issue (which I had to pay for printing myself), Golden Bell decided to pull the plug on the publishing of the magazine. I found a new printer in Denver, and we did the third issue. I had my seventh back surgery right after that, and then two weeks after that surgery, Golden Bell Press pulled the plug completely on not only Model Cars Magazine, but ALL of their magazines, leaving everyone out in the cold. The focus turned, unfortunately, to getting Model Cars Magazine set up, and Slot Cars took a second seat.

But now, with my back on the mend, Model Cars hopefully going forward, we need your help to get Slot Cars back on its feet.

With your $100 investment in a lifetime subscription, we can get the next printing of Slot Cars out, and focus on getting new readers, slot car shops, and hobby shops to carry and sell the magazine.

Yes, things didn’t work out the way I would have liked them too, but these things happen. In hindsight, we should have waited a year, but if we, this magazine may never had gotten off the ground in the first place.

Thanks for reading this.

Gregg Hutchings

Slot Cars Magazine
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