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Welcome to Slot Cars Magazine. The only full-color printed magazine published in the US that covers ALL areas of the slot car hobby. First, a little introduction. I am from Hawai’i, I have lived here for over 50 years, although I was not born here. I was born on an Army base somewhere else in the world, and we moved here way back when. I got into cars when I was a little keiki (child), and turned my attention to learning everything I could about them. I took auto shop for almost the whole time I was in high school, and got a job, or two, turning wrenches all across Hawai’i, and even on Maui, for a time. I moved back to Oahu, and shortly afterwards, got hurt on the job. This was 1984, and I ended up have three back surgeries. Needless to say, my back problems followed me around like a bad headache, never really going away.

Now, 2016, after my seventh, and last back surgery, a spine full of metal, aftermarket discs, and enough scars to scare away a massage therapist, I’m “back” to normal, pardon the pun.

Slot Cars Magazine is a magazine Jairus Watson and I have wanted to do for a long time. We came up with the idea, or dream, back in 2006, after going down to Buena Park, California for a slot car race. So now, almost ten years later, it’s finally a dream come true. Yes, it’s been late. Yes, you can call my health issues nothing but an excuse, but seriously? What would you be able to do, laying in bed for 92% of your days? Maybe I jumped the gun, but the timing was right to start it, and some things have happened since then, but the past, as they say, is behind us.

I will make this my blog post/page. I’ll try and update it along the way. I will try and leave a comment section open on it, but with this site, and others, SPAM and bots seem to take over when it’s opened up. I’ll work on that. I’m also working on getting the site to look better, and have more content on it.

A hui ho! (until tomorrow)



April 29, 2016

Issue #4 is at the printer in Denver! Yeah! Finally! Whoopee! And all those other sounds of joy. Mahalo for your patience.