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Digital Downloads

We are offering digital downloads of the PDFs for Slot Cars Magazine using this online system.

Our digital versions are full high-resolution PDFs, not those low-res ones you have seen from other publications. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. PERIOD.

We will work on getting all the hyperlinks to work in the digital magazine, once we get up to speed on this.

Thanks for checking this out!



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Please be sure to use the email address that you use for your PayPal account. You cannot access the digital file/receipt from another email address. There have been a few problems lately on this issue, and it’s due to using a different email address than the one used to pay for the magazines with PayPal. Thanks!

Digital Downloads
Slot Cars Magazine

Digital Downloads are considered intangible assets. By purchasing and downloading a digital copy of Slot Cars Magazine, you are purchasing an intangible asset from Slot Cars Magazine. The digital download has been fully tested for resolution, quality, and performance before being uploaded. Tests are also done on each digital download uploaded to make sure that the link(s) provided work, and the file will in fact download, and be readable/viewed on digital readers, computers, phones, tablets, etc.

Once a digital issue has been downloaded (a record of the download is available to us in the order history page, along with the IP address of the person/user downloading the issue/file), there is no refund for that purchase.

We will do everything in our power to help with any problems or issues with the downloads, since they are fairly large sized digital files (25mb per issue), some connections may not process the large file, and the file could be damaged during your download if your connection to the Internet is not able to handle the size/speed, or if your service or connection is interrupted during the download. We are able to send direct links to the digital files, and that is an available option for users.

By filing a claim with PayPal, your credit card company, or other payment source, you are claiming that you have not received the digital download/issue, that you have not read said issue/download, and you have not shared said download with anyone else. We reserve the right to pursue false/fraudulent claims against anyone for damages to be determined later, including filing fees, costs, and attorney’s fees, if applicable.
Thank you for your understanding. We are trying to protect our rights, and with digital downloads/issues, we have to everything we can to protect ourselves.

Gregg Hutchings
Slot Cars Magazine