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Slot Cars at GSL! For the first time, there will be a slot cars concourse class at the country’s biggest and best model car contest in Salt Lake City April 27-30, 2017. Slot Cars at GSL

October 2017

Yes, about time! Issue #6 was printed and mailed this past week. Thank you for your patience, and support.

May 14, 2016

Issue #4 is at the printer in Denver! Yes, we’re back, and we hope you guys can forgive all the bad stuff that is being said about yours truly online. It’s not all true! Also, you may have received a notice from PayPal about the cancellation of automatic payments for yearly subscriptions. Not to worry! There was a change in the subscription price, and I wanted to update the site/payment gateway, to make it more streamline, but  I’m still having some issues with it. Not to worry, it will be fixed soon! Issue #4 should be mailed the first week of May, 2016, and then we will be getting on our strict schedule of Summer, Fall, and Winter issues being printed on time. Thanks for your support and patience!  Gregg

October 2015

We have made a big decision. We will be changing the number of times Slot Cars Magazine is printed each year. We are going to go from six issues, down to four issues per year, but we will be increasing the page count, hopefully with the next issue, from 64 pages, to 80 pages. It’s still full-color, high-quality, and nothing like you have ever seen before. We did this to due to health reasons of a certain someone, and this should help ease the pain, so to speak, until everything gets caught up. Prior subscriptions will have an extra year added to them. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to yell at the guy behind the scenes, send an email to gregg at

Also, please have patience when you place a subscription order using the PayPal system. It takes six to eight weeks, sometimes longer, for your first issue to arrive. Starting a PayPal dispute places a hold on the entire account for Slot Cars Magazine.

Mahalo for your patience and support!

SCMCover #3